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  • “Are you interested to know if you are suitable for keyhole heart surgery?”
  • “Are you seeking reassurance about your treatment choices?”
  • “Are you unable to get the answers that you need?”

In response to the increasing demand that we receive for our valued medical opinion, we have created two ways for you to access us to get a second opinion at The Keyhole Heart Clinic. Our medical second opinion services are available IN CLINIC which involves meeting a second opinion doctor, either Mr Birdi or one of his Consultant colleagues, and we’ll happily discuss your circumstances. We have found that many patients prefer this one-to-one medical opinion service to help discuss their condition and any concerns they may have. Alternatively, if you live a very long way from us, then we also offer a REMOTE ONLINE service. Our remote second opinion online service can be much more convenient for our patients and enables them to speak directly with one of our second opinion doctors without having to travel to see us. Whichever medical second opinion services you choose to go for, you’ll be certain that we will be attentive to your needs so that at the end of the process, all your questions are answered.

Here at The Keyhole Heart Clinic, we are more than happy to help you in getting a second opinion before surgery especially if you are unsure about the advice you have already received or just have further questions. We have some of the world’s leading, internationally recognised Heart Surgeons and Cardiologists, able to provide expert advice and a professional second opinion remotely or in person, whichever you’re most comfortable with. To arrange to speak to a second opinion doctor at The Keyhole Heart Clinic, please book an appointment on the right, or get in touch today.

Medical Second Opinion Services

We understand that receiving the news that you need to undertake life-changing heart surgery can leave you with a lot of questions. Maybe you have concerns about the procedure, you’re unsure about the choices available or need further understanding of what’s involved and whether keyhole heart surgery is best for you. Having the option to review your diagnosis or the treatments available to you is very important, which is why at The Keyhole Heart Clinic we provide medical second opinion services so that the full picture is complete for you and you can feel confident in undergoing heart surgery. Finding the right source to get a second opinion is vital as you want to ensure that who you choose is a trusted source and the information and advice that you are receiving is the best available to you. In today’s online world, there are many resources available to patients and being able to tell the difference between professional, expert second opinions and misinformation is not always as straightforward as it should be. When choosing The Keyhole Heart Clinic, not only is it in our name but keyhole heart surgery is our speciality. We have over 15 years of keyhole surgery expertise collectively and we are proud of our reputation of providing world-class treatment and advice to many patients who have trusted our services.

Second Opinion
Should I Be Getting a Second Opinion Before Surgery?

Getting a second opinion online or in person is a great way to provide reassurances and to be fully informed before making any decision to undergo heart surgery. Having information from different sources to help form your decision is advisable and there is nothing wrong with wanting to get a second opinion from a different source as well as your original doctor or medical service. There are many reasons why patients choose getting a second opinion before surgery, with some of the most common reasons being:

  • Those who have multiple conditions or medical problems that want to have a thorough understanding of the options available.
  • Patients who have not seen an improvement in their condition whilst undergoing existing treatment.
  • Those that are unsatisfied with advice and treatments they have already received or been diagnosed.
  • Needing major surgery or having a life-threatening condition that a patient wants to be reassured about.
  • Those that want to explore if the diagnosis is just and surgery is the only option

Medical second opinion services provide the opportunity for patients to find out more and re-evaluate their circumstances. Undergoing heart surgery isn’t something you want to rush into and it’s only natural that if you have only had one doctor or medical institution’s point of view and diagnosis, that you may want a second and it is a mandatory right of a patient to seek it. That’s where we are happy to help you get all the information you need and give you access to leading heart surgeons and cardiologists that are qualified and experienced to help.

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